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Scapular Stability

19 February, 2019

Seated Mini Squats

19 February, 2019

In this Video we will be looking at the mini squat. Here you see our client holding on to the parallel bar with a seat behind him. The reason is because the Parallel bar acts like a basis of support to balance with. On top of that the chair is a reference point for him

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Therapy Workouts

26 November, 2018

Welcome to our DIY Therapy Workout Videos OceanView Rehab Presents: Seated Mini Squats OceanView Rehab Presents: Scapular Stability OceanView Rehab Presents: Bird Dogs OceanView Rehab Presents Dying Bugs Toe Taps in Push Up OceanView Rehab Presents Circuit Training OceanView Presents our Partnership with GymGuyz