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Tubraiz Qazi B.S. Psychology

Tubraiz Qazi B.S. Psychology

Physical Therapist/ Occupational Therapist Aide


I am a graduate student with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Being a first-generation Muslim from a family of hardworking people adds a level of expectation and excellency to do better. Working as an Occupational Therapy Aide for over 6 years, I have found a passion working with individuals who are experiencing chronic pain or suffered traumatic injuries and assuring that their individual needs are met to the fullest degree. After experiencing a debilitating knee and shoulder injury myself, I decided to pursue a career in Occupational Therapy because I understood the emotional, mental, and physical strain I would have to endure to regain my independence. This gave me a profound understanding of what the Occupational Therapy field entails and taught me a lot about patience, motivation, and perseverance. Working at Oceanview Rehabilitation has given me the opportunity to branch in to a team which shares these ideals and can help me mature, while giving me a better understanding of the ins and outs of a mental health field. 

“I learn from reality to make my dreams come true someday.”


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