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Seated Mini Squats

In this Video we will be looking at the mini squat. Here you see our client holding on to the parallel bar with a seat behind him. The reason is because the Parallel bar acts like a basis of support to balance with. On top of that the chair is a reference point for him to sit down.

So when performing a squat we have the client make sure they put their hips back first. A lot of times when people try to do a squat they tend to bend their knees first and then what happens is you displace your weight too far forward and that puts a lot of pressure on the knee. so to combat that you want to think about sitting onto your heels with your foot nice and flat, on the surface that you standing on, and then sitting down with the hips. so here you see him initiating a movement with his hips and then his knees naturally follow as opposed to the knees he’s coming down coming down first and then hips.

You want to aim to be able to do 2 to 3 sets of 10