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I run six miles every morning and one day the inner part of my right foot became so painful that I could barely stand. My doctor recommended that I go to Ocean view for physical therapy. He had heard that the therapists were the best. He didn’t exaggerate. Greg was my therapist and his foot massage in the painful area as well as the exercises he gave me to do under his watchful eye, completely took care of the problem. Greg, who is as knowledgeable a therapist as you can get, also evaluated my gait. He explained how I needed to land on the front part of my foot not the back where the injury occurred. I am totally back to my daily run thanks to Greg and Ocean view. I must also mention how beautiful Ocean view is. Everything is state of the art, with bright and cheerful colors that make you feel upbeat.  When I walked in the door, I felt right away, “I’m going to get better!” and I did!