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I was recommended to this facility for home therapy. However, when I called they convinced
me to come in and be evaluated. I am very pleased that I took their advice. My orthopedist
referred me because of weakness and pain in my lower extremities exacerbated by severe
I met Greg, the physical therapist who evaluated the problem and outlines a plan for therapy.
Greg assigned me to Nicole, a lovely young lady who although she is a physical therapy student,
Is extremely competent and compassionate. She has worked with me at each session and
explained each exercise as it was added to my routine. It was very important to me that there
was continuity of care and that the same therapist work with me during each session. Greg
supervises each appointment. After only 7 sessions, I can get out of bed with minimal pain and
have resumed most of my usual activities.
All the personnel are courteous, helpful and friendly starting at the first telephone contact and
continuing after you come in. The facility is clean and the equipment is up-to-date. I travel from
the other end of Ocean Parkway because of the excellent care.


My name is Amelia and I first attended Oceanview rehabilitation in the year of 2017.
I had a total knee replacement which for me was very painful and long recovery. But thanks to the therapy which I received at Oceanview Rehabilitation Center my recovery has been much easier for me and less painful.
I go to therapy twice a week. The Rehabilitation Center is very well equipped with all kinds of exercises machines to help with your therapy and every one of the staff members are very nice and polite. I would recommend any person that is in pain to go to therapy at this place.
Thank you so much Oceanview Rehabilitation Staff.

I want to say thank you to everybody who works at Oceanview for the excellent job you do. You see
different people everyday with different problems who are in need of treatment and they need not only
treatment but they need your understanding, dedication and trust. From my experience with the entire
team, they are all that and more! Oceanview is there and does an excellent job at making the life of the
patient easier and provide hope to get better. The most important thing for a therapist is not to stop at
the treatment but to be able to educate the patient to continue on and that is what Greg does.


Elvire Ladocuer – I was a patient who had two knee replacements and Ocean View was able to get me back on my feet. I felt love and care by the staff and Greg was amazing! I highly recommend their services.


Ocean view is one of the most professional places I’ve ever been too. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Their equipment is cutting edge and top of the line. I couldn’t have felt more comfortable and happy with my visit. I will be sure to recommend this place to everyone. Do yourself a favor and choose ocean view for your next session.


I run six miles every morning and one day the inner part of my right foot became so painful that I could barely stand. My doctor recommended that I go to Ocean view for physical therapy. He had heard that the therapists were the best. He didn’t exaggerate. Greg was my therapist and his foot massage in the painful area as well as the exercises he gave me to do under his watchful eye, completely took care of the problem. Greg, who is as knowledgeable a therapist as you can get, also evaluated my gait. He explained how I needed to land on the front part of my foot not the back where the injury occurred. I am totally back to my daily run thanks to Greg and Ocean view. I must also mention how beautiful Ocean view is. Everything is state of the art, with bright and cheerful colors that make you feel upbeat.  When I walked in the door, I felt right away, “I’m going to get better!” and I did!


I had trouble recovering from my knee surgery, but after my visits to OceanView Rehab, I am now fully recovered and feeling wonderful!


To the therapists, doctors and the rest of the Oceanview staff,
I was in several different places for physical therapy but I have never been in a place like yours. You are
very attentive and hands on with each patient. I am very thankful to the entire team, Greg and Dr.
Levitin. I thank everyone for being very welcoming and for showing a care for each patient.


My mom slipped and broke her leg in Dec 2017. After hospital surgery, and a Sheepshead Nursing and Rehabilitation stay for a few months, she continued her outpatient physical therapy with Oceanview Rehabilitation in Feb 2018. From the first day, she received exceptional professional service and care. A special thank you to Greg who took the time to monitor my mom’s condition and progress, prescribe and give the best physical therapy treatment for her, and boost her confidence; and to Igor for patiently working with her to make her stronger and keeping her spirits up; and to Natalya and Tasha who have been so helpful in arranging appointments and transportation. My mom has recovered quickly and nicely and will continue with therapy there, as she chooses to go nowhere else. We highly recommend Oceanview, the staff is truly the best.


Dear Oceanview Rehab,
I have been coming since March for a cervical spine problem. Everyone is very accommodating and
polite. Greg, the physical therapist is very knowledgeable and explained his approach clearly as well as
our goals. The exercises are varied and aim to strengthen muscles, correct posture and reduce pain. I
have been given exercises and shown how to do it at home.
The facility is clean and comfortable. While my problem is not “history”, there has definitely been
significant improvement.
Thank you to the entire staff.


To whom it may concern: Being diagnosed with a chronic illness was a devastating blow to me, the pain, and all that came with it took my spirit and drive away from me. Coming to Oceanview Rehabilitation was my lifesaver. Greg Marcolin and his excellent staff have restored my will and have given me back my life. Gregs vast knowledge as a physical therapist and his will to make sure I get the correct help is a priceless gift. Oceanview provides the kind, knowledgable, and friendly atmosphere that one needs to make physical and occupational therapy an easy transition. I am forever grateful and recommend highly this place of healing! Thank You Brenda


This place is really great! I had a excellent experience here, everyone is so very kind and pleasant to deal with. I would highly suggest Ocean View to any of my friends and family, & you should too!


A nice office with the highly skilled therapists that truly want to do the right things for patients. Dr. Greg and Dr. Levitin both are kind, attentive and take the time to listen to your symptoms and come up with treatment plan. I have a great expectations for my recovery.


My name Is Joan Huggins Martinez had lumbar surgery done on her lower back in March 2017 and started therapy on April 25,2017. I have to mention here that I also had a left knee replacement in august 2015. I did rehabilitation at sheepshead nursing and rehabilitation center. Then I continued outpatient physical therapy at Ocean view rehabilitation. They were very professional and I recovered splendidly. So now after my back surgery it was very obvious that I will do my therapy with ocean view. And the staff there Greg, Tasha, Natalya, Arnold, Jose and Marie G are all so professional, charming and they make you feel at ease. Greg, Arnold, Jose give the best massages. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.


My name is Maryann Ballo. I am currently a patient having physical therapy for the past three months at ocean view rehabilitation when I first started I didn’t have much mobility. I worked with Greg, Igor and Lana and I have progressed greatly. I cannot express my gratitude enough for all of the help I’ve been given. I would recommend ocean view highly.


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